Tom Jestus

The experienced Brand Designer Web Designer Graphic Designer


I would enjoy the opportunity to help you succeed.

I've created everything from hand painted signs to complete branding packages and everything in between. Be it digital Christmas cards for a Fortune 500 company, CD artwork for muscians, graphics for computer applications, or websites for everyone from startups to ski resorts, there isn't much with which I haven't helped someone. Having worked with medical professionals, musicians, landscapers, fundraisers, manufacturers, CEOs and a variety of other colorful characters, I have learned how to listen to my clients in order to give them not just what they want but also what they need. My experience covers local, national and international clientel. Send me an email or give me a call and let's see what we can do.


15615 S College Ave, Glenpool, OK, USA


1 651 226 8646



(Yes, it does look like I live in the middle of nowhere.)